Dog Walking

Includes: walk, potty break(s), TLC, treats (if allowed), fresh water, administer meds.

Price per walk: $15.00

*Price is for single dog, add $5 per dog for multiples (3 dog max)

Daily Visit

Includes: fresh water, food,  play, TLC, potty break(s), yard or litter box clean-up, administer meds, treats.

Price per visit: $10.00

* Price is for (1-2) dogs and (1-4) cats, add $2.00 for each additional pet.

Pet Sitting

Includes: 24 hour stay in my home (no kennels), walk, play time, TLC, treats, potty breaks, administer meds, e-mail or text updates.

Puppy/Special Care: $35.00/per day, $245.00/week

Adult/Senior: $30.00/per day, $210.00/week

*Holiday Stay’s please add $5 per day per pet.

Additional Services

Special packages can be created to fit your needs and the needs of your pet. Services include, but are not limited too: transportation to and from veterinary, grooming and behavior training appointments.


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